Antonio Cromartie Played Season With A Broken Hip

Antonio CromartieTotal Pro Sports –  That’s right the title is not wrong San Diego Chargers, Antonio Cromartie Played the entire season with a Broken Hip.  Believe if it’s even possible to handle and play through the pain with a broken hip? It was done by Antonio Cromartie who is officially a machine.

Some athletes cant play with a broken finger and this kid played with a broken hip?  He is well worth the money he is earning.

Cromartie as a rookie was outstanding for the Chargers, drafted in the first round, 19th overall he had 10 interceptions and 1 touchdown.  In his second season this year with the Chargers his number fell drastically, only 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown.

Nobody knew what was wrong with Antonio Cromartie until today when he revealed it to the San Diego Union Tribune, that he suffered the injury in the second quarter of the season opener.  Cromartie said when asked if he was looking forward to the off season,

“It came (too) soon, but I’m definitely looking forward to it – mostly to get my body back in shape, get back healthy and be able to play like I’m supposed to play.”

Thankfully this puts down to rest that Antonio Cromartie is just not another NFL first rounder having an outstanding rookie season and then completely falling off the next season.

Hopefully next year he comes back and puts all his doubters to shame.

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