Drunk Giants Fan Smashes A Porsche After Loss

Destroyed PorscheTotal Pro Sports – After a full day of tail gating and an abundance of drinking some people seem to lose all self control.  It’s sad but when someone is drunk the best normally comes out of them.  You see their true colors, their true idiotic and uncontrollable manor.  It’s truly scary what a person can turn into when they drink.

After losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 23-11 this past Sunday most Giants fans were not to happy with their team and the loss.  So instead of going home and reflecting of what could have been these New York Giants fans decided it was right to destroy 2 cars in the parking lot after the game.

The first car destroyed was a Porsche and the second was a Toyota truck.  The best part of this whole situation is that everything was caught on video.  What we don’t understand is why someone would video tape this event and then upload it onto You Tube?  Yes its funny, but we can guarantee that people will be prosecuted and now dealt with.

This is not the first time drunk fans have made fools of themselves.  During the World Series a drunk Philly fan was caught dancing with the mascot on the dugout roof and after a New York Jets game a barbecue caught fire with a car because fans were to drunk to realize the BBQ was to close to the vehicle.

Thanks to the The 700 Level for providing us with these classic but idiotic videos.

Drunk Giants Fan Destroys Porsche

Drunk Giants Fan Destroys Toyota Truck

Update: True story goes, The guy who owns this Porsche parks over hot coals and goes into the game. The car catches on fire and also engulfs the pickup next to it. The cars were not picked up by tow trucks until well after the game. There were only a few total drunk left in the parking lot and these kids happened to be some of them.

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