3.7 Million Dollar Baby

Natalie DylanTotal Pro Sports-  It has been reported that 22 year old coed, Natalie Dylan, is selling her virginity to the highest bidder.  The auction is being handled by the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, based out of Nevada.  Currently, the highest bid is 3.7 million and rising.

Apparently, Natalie is selling her innocence to pay for her college education, her parents must be so proud.

After doing some research on the mysterious high bidder, we here at Total Pro Sports have concluded that the person is none other than Charles Barkley.  His recent arrest and subsequent “leave of absence” from his job, makes him a prime suspect.  We think that it has to be Barkley because who else would pay 3.7 million dollars to have a young girls virginity?

Who do you think the mystery bidder is?

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