German Giulia Siegel Poses For Playboy

Giulia SiegelTotal Pro Sports – We’ll keep the theme of beautiful women and sports alive today.  After publishing the $3.7 million baby, and the World Hottest Sports Reporter today, we came across this German beauty Giulia Siegel who is featured on the front cover of the latest Play Boy.

If you don’t know who Giulia Siegel is then we’ll introduce you to her.  She’s a German TV host, DJ and model, she has also slept with Oliver Kahn the long-time Bayern Munich & German national team goalkeeper.  This is the same time Kahn had been linked to the a 21 year old barmaid named Verena Kerth.  Would you believe this was all after leaving his 8 months pregnant wife.

Lets take a look at Giulia Siegel Play Boy pictures.

Giulia Siegel

Guilia Shows the world how to use a rope.

Giulia Siegel

Giulia Siegel

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