Tim Thomas Drops Andrei Kostitsyn Video

Bruins Beat CanadiensTotal Pro Sports – Can anyone stop the Boston Bruins?  The Bruins again won last night, beating the Montreal Canadiens 3-1 and improving their NHL best record to 32-7-4.  The division rivals Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins match up has always been a fun one to watch, the fighting the intensity and the fans cheering the atmosphere is like a playoff game it’s absolutely amazing.

Last night one play stood out the most in the game, Tim Thomas came to the defense of his teammate Aaron Ward after he was hit from behind by Andrei Kostitsyn.

Ward skated off on his own, but did not return; when Kostitsyn cut in front of the net, Thomas came out of the crease and cross-checked him to the ice. Kostitsyn, who had the Canadiens’ only goal, was given a five-minute penalty for boarding and Thomas was assessed two minutes for roughing.

It’s definitely great to see Tim Thomas the goalie of the Bruins stick up for his teammate.  There is no need for hitting from behind in hockey and Andrei Kostitsyn should be punished, hopefully the league will take this matter into their own hands and he gets suspended.

“I reacted to the sound of the hit, but after seeing the replay it might not have been that bad.” said Tim Thomas

Hockey is a great sport aslong as all the players follow the rules, there is no need for hitting from behind.  It takes one hit from behind and someone can be paralyzed for life.  When will people learn?

Tim Thomas Drops Andrei Kostitsyn Video

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