What Happens is Florida, Doesn’t Always Stay in Florida

Ed PodolakTotal Pros Sports-  Everyone gets a little crazy during college bowl season, some a little more than others.  Take Ed Podolak for example, the star of these pictures.  You see he looks a little tipsy and that’s not a big deal, but when your affiliated with the University of Iowa, it can be.

Podalak is a former player and was an analyst for the Hawkeyes, until these “wild” photos surfaced.  The pictures were taken during the Outback bowl in Florida.

These pictures are not that bad at all, many people have done far worse things and are still working.  However, Ed decided that since the picks leaked out it would be in his best interest to call it a career.

Ed Podolak was a two-position star at the University of Iowa.  He was later drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as running back.  Podolak, currently holds the record for most combined yards in an NFL playoff game, with 350.

Have fun during your retirement Eddie, you deserve it.
Ed Podolak

Ed Podolak

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