NBA Power Rankings: Week 11

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Ending (January 11th)

Total Pro Sports – The Los Angeles Lakers continue their winning ways and again are our new #1in this weeks NBA Power Rankings.

Some big news in the NBA this week, Charles Barkley has been all over the headlines after his incident for running a stop sign in Arizona and telling the office he was in a rush for oral sex.  He has decided it is time to take a leave of ansence from TNT.  We will miss you Charles!

Other news making the headlines LeBron James is only 5 days away from making his big announcement “Brace Yourself”, we have no idea what it’s gonna be and we can’t wait.

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest mover this week in our NBA Power Rankings, were the Philadelphia 76ers moving up 7 spots in the power rankings.  The 76ers moved from #22 to #15.

The Minnesota Timberwolves also had a big move this week, jumping up 5 spots in the rankings from #21 to #16.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our NBA Power Rankings for week 11 were the New York Knicks losing 6 spots in the NBA Power Rankings.  The Knicks dropped from #19 to #25 this week.

The Atlanta Hawks dropped from 5 spots from #5 to #10 in this weeks power rankings

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for Week 11.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 LA Lakers 30-6 Forget about thinking the Celtics are going for 70 wins. The Lakers right now have the best chance at the feat as they need to go 40-6 the rest of the way, I would say the feat will now not be made this season, but maybe will be proven wrong. The Lakers started the Celtics woes this season, could we see this continue come playoff time?
2 Cleveland Cavaliers
They are definitely a legitimate threat for the Celtics. You have to remember, teams trying to win back to back go through complacency, just look at the New York Football Giants, who are already out of the NFL playoffs. There’s no question LBJ has the hunger to win this year.
3 Orlando Magic 30-8 Green Arrow1 They have the best road record in the NBA and they proved it on Sunday, beating the Spurs in Texas. This is a huge stat to have come playoff time. Dwight Howard is leading the league in blocks and looking like a beast everyday.
4 Boston Celtics 30-9 Red Arrow1 You have to think Doc Rivers is a little worried considering there 3-7 in there last 10. They got a victory in Toronto on Sunday, with Ray Allen leading the way. The question is do they have the hunger to repeat and after the Christmas day loss to the Lakers, are they scared of them?
5 Detroit Pistons 22-13 Green Arrow2 Became the first team this year to beat the Denver Nuggets when the Nuggets go into the 4th quarter with the lead. It was a classic trade battle, with both Iverson and Billups trying to show the other team who got the better of it. Iverson had a brutal first half, but his team came out on top. I still give the game to Billups, and the Nuggets overall in this trade.
6 San Antonio Spurs 24-12 Green Arrow2 Even with the loss today to the Magic, the Spurs are 8-2 in there last 10. Not only is Tim Duncan and the Spurs cruising, but Duncan’s alma maters, The Wake Forest Demon Deacons are undefeated and beat UNC this week. They are off to there best start since ’97, and guess who was playing there in ’97…. If you guessed Tim Duncan, you win a lolly pop.
7 New Orleans Hornets 22-11 Red Arrow1 I like this team, but they need to go on a run for me to consider them title contenders. A win in Cleveland this Friday would suffice, especially considering the Cavs haven’t lost at home yet.
8 Denver Nuggets 25-13 Green Arrow1 Yes Billups lost to the Pistons and Iverson, but he did have the better game. To me, Joe Dumars seems like the Brian Burke of basketball. What I mean is the fact that Dumars actually cares about his players as people. An example for Burke is his extension of not trading guys in December, an example for Dumars is the fact that when Billups asked if it was possible to be traded to Denver, his hometown, Dumars found a way to make it happen. Guys in the NBA notice that.
9 Phoenix Suns 21-13 Green Arrow3 They might not like the style of play compared to the Mike D’Antoni days, but for me there’s no question that, come playoff time, they have a better chance now then they did. J-Rich is doing his monster dunks, and I think playing his Nash will help him put up solid numbers. Shaq is also turning back the clock, recently going perfect from the line for the first time in his career.
10 Atlanta Hawks 22-14 Red Arrow5 Tough week for the Hawks, losing two games to the Magic. One of them was a blowout, at one point losing by as many as 50. I’m pretty sure they would rather face the Celtics in the playoffs than the Magic.
11 Houston Rockets 24-15 Green Arrow2 I think if they don’t do anything this year, the team is going to go through a long rebuilding process. Here’s why I think that. Both Artest and Yao Ming have contracts coming up and Artest will want money, while Yao might see his chances at winning better someone else. Than there’s T-Mac, and it looks like he’s given up on the Rockets and they are tired of him. Could there be a more disappointing player when it comes to the playoffs or even leading a team than T-Mac. I don’t think so.  Oh ya and if you missed Von Wafers getting stuffed by the rim check it out.
12 Utah Jazz 22-15 Green Arrow2 They’ve won 3 in a row, but to be honest, I expected them to have a better record then they have at this point. They have a lot of talent, but maybe too much if that’s possible. I honestly think they might shop Carlos Boozer at the deadline. Think about it, he can and will opt out of his contract this summer, Paul Millsap has stepped in for him nicely and being about to add some young talent and some draft picks at the deadline might be better suited for them. At the same time, they want to win, and it would look bad to fans by trading Boozer before the deadline.
13 Portland Trailblazers 22-14 Red Arrow2 Rumors at the start of the season had the blazers trading Travis Outlaw for Mike Conley Jr, would have been a good trade for them reuniting best friends Greg Oden and Conley. But after the Blazers sent out an email threatening to sue any team who signed Darius Miles so they would have the $ 18 Million left on his deal count against cap and the Grizz actually signing Miles, you have to think the Grizz/Blazers relationship is frosty at best.
14 Dallas Mavericks 22-15 Red Arrow4 At the start of the year, it looked like the east was the beast this year. I thought this when the 8th place team in the West had a losing record while the 8th place team in the East had a winning record. Well guess what? The Mavs are 7 games ABOVE .500 and are in 9th. Meanwhile the Milwaukee Bucks are in 8th in the east and are 3 games UNDER .500.
15 Philadelphia 76ers 17-20 Green Arrow7 Have the 6ers turned the corner? Even though they are only 5-5 in there last 10, they have won 4 in a row. Look for them to go on a run and get to the back of the top 8 in the east in the next month.
16 Timberwolves 11-25 Green Arrow5 Yes they are 14 games under .500 but they have won 5 in a row, and are 7-3 in there last 10. To be honest I don’t know how they have done it, I don’t think they are that good. The wins have been against mediocre to bad teams, but there a very bad team so 5 wins is a sure accomplishment.
17 Miami Heat 19-17
Red Arrow2 Tough loss to the Lakers in LA LA Land. Shawn Marion is starting to make noise about his role with the team. Egos in life can destroy a perfectly good situation, just ask the Matrix about that one.
18 Bucks 18-21 Red Arrow1 Heard a trade rumor that had Ramon Sessions and Joe Alexander for Mike Conley. I don’t understand that deal, Sessions looks good and it’s too early to judge Joe Alexander. Anyways, it would be an accomplishment for sure if they can hold on and get into the playoffs.
19 New Jersey Nets 18-19 Red Arrow3 Now I often get hypothetical here for trade talk, because, well trade talk adds spice to every sport we watch. So here we go, your team is extremely young except for Vince Carter. I truly think with Carter’s numbers (22 odd points, and a handful of assists and rebounds a game) has trade value. Why not see if you can make a trade involving Wally Szczerbiak and someone else to the Cavs. Now the Cavs would be reluctant to do anything now considering how there playing, but, having money to spend in the next two off seasons is huge, and when having an owner like Jay-Z who should be able to convince guys to sign, I think it would be a wise decision.
20 Toronto Raptors 16-22 Red Arrow2 Now Raptor fans who watch all games like I do, did we Judge Andrea Bargnani to early. He’s averaging over 20 points a game since taking over the starting role, and with more minutes, he’s doing more and getting loads more confidence. The other day I saw him get an offensive rebound and go back up and get to the line. I was amazed. There’s no question that when Jermaine O’Neil is back, he comes off the bench. He can still be valuable, when Bosh is not playing and when Bargnani needs a breather.
21 Bobcats 14-24
Green Arrow4 Good stretch of 5-5 in there last 10. I’ve been saying for a while that they play team’s tough. Huge win against the Celtics this week.
22 Chicago Bulls 16-21 Red Arrow2 Tough week for the Bulls, going 3-7 in their last 10. I really thought Chuck Swisky would bring the magic for these guys, how could you not get excited when hearing this guy call your games. I can’t tell you how much I miss him on the Raptors telecasts. No slight to Devlin but will any of us hardcore Raps fan ever forget him and Jack on St.Patrick’s Day in Utah. So much Excitement.
23 Pacers 13-24 Green Arrow1 Pacers haven’t done anything to special this week. They did play the Lakers extremely tough in LA and it would have been nice to see them pull off the upset.
24 Golden State Warriors 11-28 Green Arrow2 Got to give Rob Kurz more minutes. Definitely a disappointment this year, Don Nelson should never been given an extension, it’s going to be one expensive firing. Even worse is the Maggette deal….ouch.
25 New York Knicks 13-22 Red Arrow6 so when they traded Randolph and Crawford we knew what we were in for. A huge drop in the standings, well that’s exactly what’s happened. They are definitely lottery bound. Do you think they are regretting the Gallinari pick so far?
26 Memphis Grizlies 11-26 Red Arrow3 Young talent is developing and OJ Mayo could win the Rookie of the Year, other than that. Nothing.
27 Oklahoma Thunder 6-32 Green Arrow3 They’ve won 3 of their last 10, that is reason to celebrate in a Minor League town like OKC. Tough week of games ahead, actually, every week is tough for them.
28 Sacramento Kings 9-29
Kevin Martin is back and playing well, but it’s not really helping this team. Look for Brad Miller to be traded by the deadline if they can make it happen.
29 Washington Wizards 7-29
If I’m them, I don’t care how good Agent Zero feels, have him rest all the way to near the end of the season so he doesn’t damage there chance at a nice top 5 lottery pick.
30 L.A. Clippers 8-29
Red Arrow3 now I know the Raptors and 76ers are disappointments so far, but no team comes close to the Clippers in that department. Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, a rejuvenated Zach Randolph.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 12.