Las Vegas, Rose Bowl, NYC May Host 2010 NHL Winter Classic

2010 NHL Winter ClassicTotal Pro Sports – Reports have surfaced that the NHL’s Chief Operating Officer John Collins has named the Rose Bowl in California, the New Yankee Stadium in New York and the Las Vegas Strip as potential 2010 locations for the NHL Winter Classic or otherwise known as the outdoors game.

It’s great to see the NHL making this game into a yearly event.  This past Winter Classic held in Chicago, between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field had great success both in the city and on the television.

“This is really kind of becoming a destination event for hockey fans, but also sports fans,” Collins said in a telephone interview. We want to “open it up to the masses.”

New York City – The New Yankee Stadium

Out of those 3 locations named The New Yankee Stadium seems like the most ideal location for the 2010 NHL Winter Classic.  In January It’s always cold in New York City and having the game played their in the first year of the new stadium would also be a nice setting.

“Of course, New York would be high on the list,” said Collins

Were the NHL made their mistake was not having the game at the Original Yankee Stadium this past season.  Imagine all the players walking through the bullpens touching Babe Ruth’s statue?  It gives me the shivers, thinking about it.

The New York Rangers matchup nicely against most teams the Leafs, Bruins, Flyers, Canadiens and Devils would draw great crowds.

Los Angeles – Rose Bowl

There are a couple problems with the Rose Bowl which is located in Los Angeles California, first of all they host a College Football Bowl game “The Rose Bowl” takes place on New Years Day the same day the NHL has the Winter Classic.  So the NHL would have to change their day, not a big deal.

Second of all the temperature is definitely not at freezing level in California in January, so the NHL’s refrigeration system better be working properly. Ice conditions may also be a problem and rain may be a possibility.

“The new rink opens up a lot of opportunities,” Collins said. “We might even be able to have a night game out at the Rose Bowl.”

Last but not least you need to have 2 teams that fans around the world want to watch.  I don’t think to many fans would be interested in watching the LA Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes play, would you?

Las Vegas – On The Strip

Obviously everyone loves Vegas so why not have the NHL Winter Classic there.  Weather should not be a problem either especially knowing they got record snow falls in mid December.

The NHL last played in Las Vegas in September 1991. The New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings played an exhibition game on an outdoor rink in 85-degree (29.4 Celsius) temperatures at Caesars Palace in front of 13,000 fans and a swarm of flying insects.  If they can do it in September then why not in January?

Las Vegas would be good as it’s a neutral site, you can basically slot any 2 teams they want here.  I say let the fans decide on the next game if held in Vegas.  They should have a vote and the top 2 team with the most votes play in the that years Winter Classic.

Either of the 3 options would be a great fit for the 2010 Winter Classic, but if you asked me I would personally choose Las Vegas.