Kevin Pittsnogle Living The Dream

Kevin PittsnogleTotal Pro Sports – The name Kevin Pittsnogle is the symbol of unordinary, a 6-11 man with tattooed sleeves, a great 3 point shot and from a small town in West Virginia became a town hero during his basketball career. If you try to find him these days it will not be on a basketball court, rather he has turned pro in another field. Kevin or Mr. Pittsnogle as his young students refer to him, is a middle school teacher in his home town.

Four years removed from playing college ball at WVU, Pittsnogle has a dream to one day play basketball again. He was an All-American in his senior year and averaged 19.3 points per game and led West Virginia to the 2006 regional semifinals, he was anticipating being drafted but was not selected. The fans loved him, the town adored him and opponents dreaded guarding him, so what is the reason Kevin Pittsnogle is not playing in the NBA?

To speculate on this question would be wrong so all we will do is state what we know about Kevin Pittsnogle. He lives an ordinary life with his wife and two children in Martinsburg, WV, he volunteers his time to a local high school basketball team, bowls 3 nights a week and can occasionally be found at the Bingo hall. These are not the thrills that Pittsnogle expected, however, he makes the best of his situation, he has had a lot of success in the gym but it is in the classroom where he mentors young children. His motto is “You are who you choose to be,” as he instills this philosophy into his special education students giving them their opportunity to live their dreams. There is little doubt as to the heart that Pittsnogle has, his story is inspiring, but many fans would like to see him playing, even though he is influencing lives in the classroom.

Kevin Pittsnogle reminds me of many players that have had success in the NBA, names like Todd McCullough, Brian Scalabrine, Arvydas Sabonis and Sam Perkins. Kevin deals with a thyroid condition that slows his metabolism and explains the reason he cannot keep his weight down, however, he is now on medication and may attempt to make a run at an NBA career. All a player can do is work hard and hope that an organization gives them an opportunity, Pittsnogle will be no different and if it does not pan out, then he will return home and live a successful life teaching his students.

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