Jeff Monson: UFC and Anarchy

Jeff MonsonTotal Pro Sports-  Everybody loves an athlete with an opinion, from Charles Barkley to Sean Avery, there always seems to be an athlete doing or saying something controversial.  The latest example of an athlete who gets in trouble for his personal opinion is Jeff Monson, who takes it to another level.

Monson, a former UFC fighter turned graffiti writer, has recently been charged for his public art displays.  He is wanted for first degree malicious mischief in connection with the “tagging” several government buildings with anarchist symbols and anti-war messages.  The total cost of his “work” is believed to be around $19,000.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest and he is expected to surrender to the authorities soon.

Jeff was at one time a big name in the world of MMA and just this past December defeated former UFC Champ Ricco “Suave” Rodriguez.  Now it seems that Monson has decided to shift his focus from MMA to graffiti and anarchy.

I guess I can’t really fault a man with such strong personal opinions, but there are better ways to get your message across than defacing public property.  I think that Jeff should spend less time listening to the Sex Pistols and more time concentrating on his MMA career, because the Octagon seems way more appealing than a jail cell.

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