Anquan Boldin is a Baby

Anquan BoldinTotal Pro Sports-  While the Arizona Cardinals were marching down the field on their way to a game winning touchdown, star receiver Anquan Boldin was on the sideline yelling at Todd Haley.  Todd Haley is the Cardinals Offensive Coordinator and he was visibly upset with Boldin.  They had a heated exchange and if you were reading his lips you could he see he was saying “don’t call me that”.  I can only imagine what idiotic things Boldin must have been saying to him.

Perhaps he said “We might make the Superbowl and I had nothing to do with it”, or maybe “Coach, why is Larry Fitzgerald better than me?”.  Whatever he said it must have been dumb because at a time when he should have been supporting his teammates, he was selfishly berating a coach.  At least he proved to the Cardinals that they don’t need him to win big games.

It was also reported that while his teammates were celebrating on the field, he left the stadium.  What a team player. I give Boldin credit for his on field toughness, but off of it he is nothing but a big baby.

This year Boldin has played the role of Diva receiver, a role which was invented and perfected by Terrell Owens.  He was unhappy with his contract and did a lot of complaining about it to the media.  It looks like this will be his last year in the desert and for the Cardinals that’s probably a good thing.  The Dallas Cowboys will most likely sign him in the off-season because they love players who act like children, especially wide receivers.

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