Shaq Attacks Robin Lopez

Robin LopezTotal Pro Sports –  This Video was sent to us this morning by TPS reader “Dizzle”.  It was taken at the Toronto Raptors game yesterday, who were hosting the Phoenix Suns. It seems that during the pregame introductions Shaquille O’neal got a little excited and knocked rookie Robin Lopez down.

I guess Shaq doesn’t realize he weighs close to 400 pounds.  Lopez should also now know to stay out of the big Diesels way when he is hyped up before a game.

The Toronto Raptors ended up losing a close high scoring affair 117-113, Steve Nash had a great game adding 18 assists the most this season for him.  Robin Lopez never touched the floor in the game probably due to Shaq’s vicious hit.

Robin Lopez is rookie center from Stanford,  his twin brother Brook Lopez plays for the New Jersey Nets.  Robin is averaging 3 points and 1.7 rebounds per game this season.

The quality of the video is not the greatest, but if you watch closely in the left hand corner you can see Shaq knocking down Robin Lopez.

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