Steelers Ryan Clark Huge Hit On Willis McGahee

Steelers Ryan Clark Huge Hit On Willis McGaheeTotal Pro Sports – The Pittsburgh Steelers will now face the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming Super Bowl after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-14 and ending their magical season.

Last nights game was expected to be a hard hitting affair, it definitely turned out to be that and more.  At times I was grimacing as I felt the players pain after getting hit and knocked down.  All the hits were legal except close to the end of the game when the Baltimore Ravens had the ball.

The game clock read 3:43 remaining in the 4th quarter and the Baltimore Ravens had the ball on their own 30 yard line.  Joe Flacco hut the ball, steeped back and spotted Willis McGahee down the middle.  He caught the ball but unfortunately was absolutely decapitated by the Steelers Ryan Clarks hit.

After watching the replay you can tell that Ryan Clark led with his helmet to hit Willis McGahee.  Obviously, Clark never meant to lead with the helmet as he also laid motionless on the ground after the hit.  Ryan Clark can now expect a fine and maybe a suspension, which may see him miss the upcoming Super Bowl.

Clinton Portis had this to say about Ryan Clark in the Sporting News,

“I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves because first he played with Sean Taylor and now hes playing with Troy.  But if you look at his work on the field, he delivers that short, explosive, all 190 pounds into the perfect spot on you to make sure you collapse.”

As you watch the replay you can feel McGahee’s pain, he didn’t move at all after the hit.  It was a scary situation for the Ravens and the Steelers as they never want to see an injured player lay motionless on the ground after something like this.

Reports out of Pittsburgh say that McGahee will be alright and he will make a full recovery.

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