Barack Obama and the NBA

Barack ObamaTotal Pro Sports –  Congratulations to Barack Obama, who today has been sworn in as 44th President of United States of America.  It is truly a historic day, as Obama begins to put into action his plan for the next four years.

One of the most appealing aspects of Barack Obama for the sports fan is his enjoyment of basketball.  His love for the sport has been well documented since he began running for office.  The fact that the President likes the sport so much must be music to the ears of David Stern.  Basketball is already a global sport and now with one of the worlds most recognizable leaders doubling as an unofficial ambassador to the game, Stern must be in seventh heaven.

There are also numerous reports that indicate that Obama will be putting a basketball court somewhere at the Whitehouse.  That would be awesome, maybe the NBA can hold the 2010 All Star game there.

From everyone here at Total Pro Sports we would like to say once more congratulations President Obama, and watch out for Joe Biden he likes to hog the ball.

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