Chris Bosh Disses Yi Jianlian

Chris Bosh Total Pro Sports –  Chris Bosh is one of the best players is the NBA, so why does he feel the need to publicly lobby to make the All-Star team?

Its simple, he is afraid of fan ballot stuffing.  It has happened in the past, players who are undeserving of selection find themselves on the team anyway because the fans have voted them in.

In this video Bosh makes his case to be on the team by saying “Vote for me in the All-star game because Yi Jianlian is ahead of me”.   Jianlian plays for the New Jersey Nets and is from China, which means there are 1 billion potential fan votes out there for him.  That is why Bosh is so worried about not making the team.

Is Chris Bosh better than Yi Jianlian? Yes, Does Bosh need to make a video to tell this to the fans? No. Bosh is averaging 23.4 points and 10 rebounds on the season, Yi is averaging 10.5 points and 6.2 rebounds, who do you think should make the team?

Bosh should spend more time working on his game and less time making home movies.

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