NHL All Star Snubs – The Fans Choice Awards

Patrick MarleauTotal Pro Sports – Henrik Zetterberg, Steve Mason and Patrick Marleau are just a few all star names that are not attending the All Star game. Why and who has the final decision on who participates in one of the most exciting events hosted in one of the greatest cities in North America?

Montreal, the city host of the All Star game has decided on nominating four individuals from their home town team to take part in this event.  Alex Kovalev, Carey Price, Mike Komisarek, and Andrei Markov are fortunate enough to play in front of their loyal Canadian fans however, do these Montreal Canadiens players deserve it? Sure Alex Kovalev has experienced the thrill of being in an All Star game in the past, but why should he be attending this year’s? Last hear he tallied 35 goals in 82 games for the Habs; this year he has only put up 12 goals in 44 games. Conversely, Patrick Marleau, the captain for the best team in the Western conference has 24 goals and 49 points in 44 games, so why is he snubbed out of a player slot?

Steve Mason plays for the 10th seeded Columbus Blue Jackets in the Western conference, and he still manages to post up a league leading average of 1.91 goals against per game. Yet, even though he is Canadian, he is has not been voted in.

One of the players that is not attending the exciting game is Henrik Zetterberg. Not only is he a key factor in making his team being one of the best in the league, he is one of the most exciting players to watch when he controls the puck on his stick. Zetterberg is a natural goal scorer that has 42 points in 43 games and is still snubbed out of a position.

It obviously shows that the players who attend the NHL All Star game are the most popular ones in the game and are not the individuals who work hard all year earn the points and put up great statistics.

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