Buy Ankle Insurance From Kobe Bryant Part 2

Kobe BryantTotal Pro Sports – Today the second edition of Kobe Bryant’s Nike Zoom 4 commercial surfaced on You Tube.

In the first commercial Kobe Bryant is the President, CEO, CFO, CMO and the Owner of the Ankle Insurance Co.  In the second edition of the commercial for Nike, Kobe Bryant talks about the “One Thousand, One Hundred Million and Two, One Hundred Thousand” ankles that will be broken if you don’t wear his new shoe.

Playground legend Deion Wilcox, explains how to file a claim and “get back on your feet”.  The commercial basically leaves you with 2 options broken ankles or going to buy Kobe Bryant’s new shoe. So you Decide?

A great series of commercials for Nike we can’t wait to see the third edition of Kobe Bryant selling ankle insurance.

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