Shaq Wants To Be The Face Of Nets Franchise


Total Pro Sports-  It seems that more and more these days, athletes after they retire get involved in ownership of a sports franchise mainly in the sport in which they just retired from.

Wayne Gretzky retired and bought into the Phoenix Coyotes, Michael Jordan retired and bought into first the Washington Wizards and now the Charlotte Bobcats and Mario Lemieux took over the Pittsburgh Penguins because they could not afford to pay him the remainder on his contract.

Shaquille O’Neal is also ready to make that transition from NBA All Star to NBA owner.  Shaq is already involved in big real estate ventures in the city and has a strong interest in getting involved in the business side of the sport.  Shaq has already mentioned that he would love to see the New Jersey Nets play in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey and does not want to see the Nets move to Brooklyn where Jay-Z would like to see them play.

“I have no idea why the Nets aren’t playing there,” Shaq said. “It makes no sense. I know they’re trying to get to Brooklyn, but if I was the general manager or the owner of that team, I’d be playing in Newark right now.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” O’Neal said in a phone interview when asked if he wanted to get into ownership when he retired. And if that team could be the Nets …

“It’d be nice — real nice,” he said. “I know the area, I know the people, it’s close to New York. Every organization needs two things: a great place to play and a couple of marquee players. You have that, and it’s a no brainer.” Said Shaq from Slam Online

Imagine Shaquille O’Neal as the face of the New Jersey Nets franchise?  A great marketing scheme but definalety not the solution to pull the team out of financial distress.

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