Fighting In The NHL Is A Part Of The Game!

PJ Stock and Stephen Peat FightTotal Pro Sports – The main talk and issue around the NHL these days has been fighting and whether it should be banned from the game.  We say no!!! Fighting should be allowed in hockey as it has been a part of the NHL forever.

After posting The Best Minor Hockey League Fight Ever yesterday, we received an email from a TPS reader who told us to check out the Stock vs. Peat fight in 2002.  The subject line in the email read “This is how they do it old school.”

So back in the NHL in 2002 award has to go to PJ Stock of the Boston Bruins and Stephen Peat of the Washington Capitals.  Neither of the 2 players are awarded the decision as we will call this one a tie. Pj Stock lands 41 punches and Stephen Peat lands 43 punches. (And yes we tried to count ever punch that was thrown by the two)  A total of 80 plus punches thrown between the 2 of them in a mere 30 seconds, unbelievable.

This is how you do it. Two guys, dropping the gloves handling their business. Rest of the team backs away and let’s it happen. Said the TPS reader.

So take a look at the video and tell me if you think the NHL should remove fighting from the game?

So tell me is there any reason to ban fighting from hockey? The 2 players take care of their business in a controlled environment and then head to the penalty box to serve their time.

Did anyone die? No, Did anyone get hurt? No, but imagine if this fight took place on the streets in a non controlled environment. One of these 2 players would have definitely been seriously injured or perhaps even died.

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