Jose Canseco is Still The Man

Heidi NorthcottTotal Pro Sports-  Not all is bad for former baseball star Jose Canseco these days. Despite the fact that he is bankrupt and sold out all of his former friends to write his book, he sure seems happy.  He will be in the spotlight once again this weekend, as he takes on Danny Bonaduce in the boxing ring.  Also, check out his new girlfriend Heidi Northcott.

Northcott, has been romantically linked to Canseco for quite some time  and apparently has never used steroids.  Not much is known about Hiedi, other than she once attended the University of Southern California and enjoys playing poker.  She played in the Larry Flint Challenge Cup this past summer and finished in 18th place.

All I can say to Jose, is keep up the good work and don’t get knocked out on Saturday, it will be bad for your image.

Heidi Northcott

Heidi Northcott

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