The Life of a Mets Fan

New York Mets Total Pro Sports – Hello sports fans, my name is Anders. I would like to thank the higher ups at Total Pro Sports for offering me this forum ( it just might be time for drug testing within the company).

That being said, let’s get right to the point. I am and have always been a fan of the New York Metropolitans. I would briefly like to explain to you readers out there what it is like to be a Mets fan. I equate it to being the victim in an abusive relationship. They get your hopes up. They get you believing in them. They make you think it’s all going to be ok. Then they become uncomfortable with their own prosperity and find some way to choke it away and rip your heart out!  What makes me feel like the battered wife ( or husband I guess,  I need to be politically correct here! ), is I keep coming back for more.

What’s worse, is over the last two seasons it feels like this cycle takes place within every game. I understand that there are other franchises that are certainly more pitiful than my Mets ( Pirates anyone?). You have to understand though in the New York market, Mets fans have a built in inferiority complex because of that other team in the Bronx.

This brings me to the purpose of this posting. The Mets are frustrating because they never seem to do whatever it takes to win. I realize this has been a strange off season because of the economy, and it seems to be affecting the approach of most teams. I get the fact that the Yankees are in a different stratosphere, but c’mon ! I applaud Omar Minaya for seemingly fixing the bullpen ( it is the Mets though so you never know). However a monkey could figure out that the bullpen is a major factor in the annual collapse.

What about the starting rotation, what about the big right handed bat we need ? They tried to Lowe-ball Derek Lowe ( pun intended ), and he signed with a division rival. Now Scott Boras has us over a barrel because he knows we need Erratic Perez. Omar can we think outside the box? Lets go get Sheets. I know he is a health risk but he is still the best free agent pitcher left out there. You sign Sheets ( 2 years-18 million ?) and you no longer appear desperate to Boras, who also knows there is not much of a market for Ollie Perez. That puts you on equal footing, and now you go sign Perez for what you want versus the 5 years $60 million that Boras is trying to get you to pay. Problem solved, and you get two pitchers for what I consider a reasonable amount.

Now we need to address that bat. Has anyone else realized that possibly the greatest right handed hitter of our generation is a free agent? Not to mention that Manny Ramirez may also be the best clutch hitter ever? You can’t possibly believe a Murphy/Tatis platoon in left is the answer. There is no guarantee that you are going to get the production you got from Tatis last year. Murphy looks ok, but he has no track record. And I don’t think anyone is confidant that Carlos Delgado is going to repeat last years performance. Manny is the perfect fit, even if he isn’t the perfect person. If he can get me a championship, I’ll be more than happy to deal with Manny being Manny.

Please Mr. Wilpon, you have got to stop going 90% of the way and expecting to win. The Mets have the money , go get these players and show me that you really are sorry for beating on me all these years. If not, maybe I’ll pick up the kids and go to the nearest shelter. Yankee Stadium perhaps?

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