The NHL All Star Game Is Coming To An End

NHL All-Star GameTotal Pro Sports – The National Hockey league Players Association (NHLPA) has recently reported that they want the all star game event to come to an end. “It would be a win for everybody,” said former NHL goaltender and broadcaster Glenn Healy, now the NHLPA’s director of player affairs. “We’ve got to sell the game.”

This is coming for a guy who has never made an All Star Game before, go figure!

They feel that the time period where they would have the all star game would be a good resting period for the NHL. I personally believe that this should not happen, why take out a historical event that has been around for so many years? To have a resting period and or focus more on a world cup event? When I first heard about this, I laughed to myself; I didn’t think they were serious. One of the most exciting things in hockey all year is to watch the best players in the world play together and show off their skills. Not only do we see the superstars of our time play together, we witness the young stars game as well!

Fans all over the world get to watch the best rookies go head to head and compete with each other. One of the most exciting things about hockey are the goals, and where else do you see more goals then in an all-star game? Sure the goalies don’t have the time of their lives, but they are sacrificing a few days out of their schedule to satisfy fans across the nation.

The players rave about how much fun the All Star Game festivities and playing with other superstars they faceoff against each night.  The memories are endless.

Year after year goes by and every all-star weekend has been sold out; does that change anything with the NHLPA? If the players association doesn’t like making the most loyal hockey fans around the world happy, then they should go ahead and take this event out of the game.

Remember this game was made for the fans and not for the players to take a mid season vacation.

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