Rodriguez Gets ‘Rich’er

Michigan Rodriguez FootballTotal Pro Sports – If you thought Lloyd Carr’s final season at Michigan did not live up to expectation than the year that Rich Rodriguez and his staff had was less than acceptable.

There is no need to worry Wolverine fans because the Athletic Department has agreed to pay out $6.6 million for the 2008 year. The amount on his contract was $2.5 million and they also dished out $4.1 million to compensate for his buyout at West Virginia. All this would have been acceptable, or at the least tolerated had Michigan won more than 3 games this past year.

In the last year, Rich Rodriguez abandoned his former team, led the Wolverines to their lowest win total since 1962 and placed the entire blame on the back of his defensive coordinator, real classy. While the entire state of Michigan deals with the recent recession, and a 10% unemployment rate mainly due to the closures in the auto industry, Rich gets richer (no pun intended).

So if your looking for your unemployment check just ask Rich Rodriguez he may be able to help out.

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