David Lee, The Best Player Who Won’t Be An All-Star

David Lee

Total Pro Sports- Let’s face it. The All-Star game is a popularity contest for the starting five, and even partially for the coaches who pick the reserves (because we know all the coaches play favorites as well). Some guys will get snubbed, and some guys will get the nod even though they don’t fully deserve it. Earlier this week, the starters were announced. I’m going to focus on the East, because that is where the focus of this article, David Lee, plays.

The starters were: Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, and Dwight Howard. All five of these guys are definitely deserving of making the All-Star team, and most of them deserve to start (Iverson in my opinion should be a reserve and either Devin Harris or  Jameer Nelson should’ve been the starter).

There are fifteen players on the roster, so we have ten reserves. Let’s say we do it by two at each position (these aren’t my best answers, as I haven’t done my full research): Harris and Nelson at point, Joe Johnson and Ray Allen at shooting guard, Paul Pierce and Danny Granger at small forward, Chris Bosh and Rashard Lewis at power forward, and Emeka Okafor and DAVID LEE at center. Yes, David Lee should make the All-Star team. Besides Howard, there is no better center in the Eastern Conference than him. 15.5 points per game, 11.5 rebounds per game, 2 assists per game, 1 steals per game, .5 blocks per game. All of those numbers are totally solid, and he is producing on a struggling Knick team that is 18-24 and 10th in the Eastern Conference.

David Lee has always been producing, whether it is early in his career on the bench, or now as the starting center. As a huge Knick fan, it hurt to see Lee be on the bench for the majority of his early career, when he was better than most of the big men that started (cough Eddy Curry cough). David Lee still had trouble getting into the starting rotation this year, but thanks to his great play in the preseason and in the beginning of the year, Coach D’Antoni has fallen in love with this wonderful big man. If you really care coaches, vote for David Lee. He deserves it, and can really help the Eastern Conference win it this year, which needs this win to tie the series over this decade.

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