Derek Jeter Is Building A 31,000 Sq Ft Mansion

Derek Jeter HouseTotal Pro Sports – The world economy is struggling, and it still seems that professional athletes are still living the high life (And I’m not referring to the beer).  After purchasing a waterfront property on Davis Islands in Tampa Bay for $6.3 million in November of 2005, Derek Jeter has decided to build a 31,000 square foot mansion.

So if the property in 2005 cost $6.3 million (that’s probably worth half that now) how much will Derek Jeter’s shopping mall or so called house cost to build and furnish?

We would just like to congratulate the contracting company who got this job “J.O. DeLotto & Sons Inc“, in a time when most companies are claiming bankruptcy you guys go out and score a 31,000 square foot house contract.

“Tampa-based J.O. DeLotto & Sons Inc. began building the two-story house on what was two former home sites on Bahama Circle in August, according to Hillsborough public records.”

The best part is that you know your money on this project is Derek Jeter guaranteed.  At $21.6 million annually for total career earnings of $161.2 million through 2008 he can probably buy the whole island which also has it’s own private airport.  And yes, the house is mortgage free and paid cash!

It’s ok as I write this I can only think of what may come about with TPS, maybe one day someone can write the same article only difference is I didn’t play with balls, I used a keyboard!

Derek Jeter HouseDerek Jeter House

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