Joe Thornton Thinks Roberto Luongo Is Hot

Joe Thornton thins Luongo is hotTotal Pro Sports – With all the different type of media outlets attending the NHL All Star Game in Montreal this weekend, it’s always interesting to watch the next day on TV what type of questions these outlets have to ask the players.

The Examiner is reporting that E! Online had some interesting things to ask and tell Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks (I wonder if they even know that hockey is played with a stick and puck).

It was amusing to watch the crew from E! interview Thornton.  They informed him that they had decided he was one of the “Hot Guys in Hockey” and wanted to know how he felt about it.

What’s he going to say?  Being the nice guy that he is Thornton said he was flattered.  As if that wasn’t enough, E! then asked him who else in the NHL he thought was hot…and being a good sport he answered Luongo, “a nice, dark, good-looking Italian guy.”

Immediately following the fluff questions, Thornton was asked by the Canadian media who at the game really stood out in his mind as outstanding players.  First guy Thornton names is Luongo again.

I couldn’t resist when my turn came then to ask him what he thought the odds were that a guy he thought was hot was also good?

He said maybe I shouldn’t quite word it quite that way.

I wonder how the rest of the NHL All Stars will take Joe Thornton’s comments?

Being a former hockey player myself you can bet this will not go down lightly.  Hockey players are infamous for their chirping and at times it can get out of hand. We’ll just have to wait and see how everyone will react to Joe’s statements.

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