NHL Suspends All Star Game No-Shows

Niklas LidstromTotal Pro Sports – NHL vice-president Colin Campbell has officially laid down the law and suspended Detroit Red Wings veterans Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk. Both these superstars will have to sit out one game each after the NHL All Star break.

Campbell said the league’s general managers agreed last February that a player who misses the all-star game must sit out the regular-season game just before or just after it to demonstrate he is really injured.

NHL fans may think their is a little bit of favoritism here because Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby also chose to skip the All Star game because of an ongoing knee problems.  Campbell decided not to suspend Sidney Crosby because he choose to attend the NHL all-star festivities even though he was not playing.

This is a great move by Crosby as he is loved around the world.  NHL fans go out to games just to watch him, so by attending the NHL All Star festivities he is showing that he loves his fans.  A great move by a great player!

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