President Obama Is A Sports Nut

Obama Loves The SoxTotal Pro Sports – It is quite refreshing to have a man in power who is so in-touch with professional sports. Although his predecessor was known for his love of the links and of course his ownership of the Texas Rangers, it is clear the Barack Obama is a bit of a sports nut, and we here at TPS couldn’t be more excited about it. Being a Chicago native, it was not surprising to learn that when asked if he had to choose a pro athlete to be his VP running mate, he answered with “Walter Payton. Sweetness.”

Some may remember back in November when he made an appearance on ESPN’s Monday Night Football and made a case for the implementation of playoffs for NCAA football. Like most of you, I was surprised by this playful answer and in a way it made Obama seem more like a “guy’s guy” especially when considering that moments prior Senator John McCain spewed out at length the need to regulate performance enhancing drugs in MLB (Yawn).

Obama’s love for basketball is unquestionable. He admits that his favorite athlete growing up was Dr. J (Julious Irving). But his love for the game goes far beyond being a spectator. Obama out of superstition played a game of basketball on every Tuesday that voting took place during not only the Democratic primaries, but during the Presidential election as well.

An avid baseball fan, Obama makes no bones about him being a White Sox fan, saying  “it is nice to go to Wrigley and have a beer with the beautiful people there, but people are not watching the game and its not serious. Now the White Sox- that’s baseball- Southside!”

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