Top MLB Free Agents Left On The Market

Manny RamirezTotal Pro Sports – Hello there sports fans! This is Anders again. Apparently the decision makers at TPS enjoyed my last post (seem to have gone against my recommendation for drug testing). That being said, they have invited me back for another go around (apparently they have never seen FATAL ATTRACTION).

Today’s topic: who are the best free agents left out there, and where I think they’ll land. Let’s get right to the list in no particular order. Remember if you don’t see someone on this list that you think should be……TO FRICKIN BAD! Besides that what the comment section is for.

Ok here goes, lets take a look at Top MLB Free Agents Left On The Market.

Ben Sheets (Pitcher) – What can you say about this guy? He has quality ace stuff, still in his prime, and no doubt in terms of ability, the best pitcher left out there. Unfortunately for Ben that late season elbow injury really cost him going into free agency (oh my bleeding heart). Still in ‘ 08 Sheets had a respectable year, starting 31 games, pitching almost 200 innings, and an era just above 3 (3.09 to be exact, yes I can Google too). Had Sheets stayed healthy he might have gone as quickly as C.C. and A.J.  From the biz end of it I think right now Sheets could be gotten for 2 years 16 million. Maybe throw in some performance clauses to entice him. I think the risk is certainly worth the potential reward, this guy is an ace when healthy. Fits perfectly on the Mets (please, please, please), although I know the Rangers are interested, and I wouldn’t count the Yankees out as long as they don’t have Pettite signed to a new deal.

Oliver Perez (Pitcher) – Being a Mets fan all I can tell you is Ollie is the perfect Met. Why? Because he is wildly inconsistent, one day he looks unbeatable, next day looks like he should be playing with high school kids. Still he is a left hander under 30 , and lefties tend to hit there stride later in their careers. When Ollie is on, he is as good as any pitcher in the game, but only seems to retain his focus in big games. If Ollie could ever maintain a consistent performance level he could easily be one of the best pitchers in the game. However that is a big if. Still, ultimately I think Ollie ends up back in New York for 4 years 50 million.

Adam Dunn (Outfield) – You would think a guy that has hit at least 40 home runs over the last 5 years would be flying off the shelf. The big criticism with Dunn that he strikes out too much. What does that mean exactly? In my opinion an out is an out. Does it matter how the out is made? Is it less of an out to ground out or fly out? Ok maybe it hurts you if there is a runner on 3rd with one out and you need him to connect to drive a run in. Flip side to that, isn’t a strike out better than hitting into a double play ? Amazingly enough there doesn’t seem to be much interest in Dunn. Things may change after Manny gets signed, but right now it seems like the Nationals are the only team interested. If he signs there expect no more than 3 years 17 million (again waaa waaa!).

Manny Ramirez (Outfield) – What can you say? Manny in my opinion is the greatest right handed hitter of our generation. And, what’s more he does it in the big spot. There is not a team in baseball that couldn’t use this guy. Manny’s presence in a line-up gives that line-up instant credibility. Manny is represented by evil super agent Scott Boras, which means it’s all about the money. Whatever team offers the biggest contract, that is who is going to get him. Which really eliminates everyone but a handful of teams.

Manny being Manny is also another reason why g.m.’s around the league are not so willing to lay out the dough. Listen to me though, if a player of Manny’s talent didn’t have some baggage we wouldn’t be having this conversation because he wouldn’t be available. I know everyone says he quit in Boston and I can’t defend him. However there are 2 sides to every story, and a game breaker like him is worth taking that kind of risk. This man single handedly willed the Dodgers into the playoffs. I think Manny is a perfect fit for my Mets, he gives them everything they are missing. I think the Mets are scared to take the risk and ultimately I think he stays in California either with the Dodgers or the Angels.

That’s how I see it boys and girls. Agree, disagree? Let us know feel free to leave a comment share your opinions. I mean not that it matters because I am obviously right, but it gives me a chuckle. Just kidding all, really want to hear from you guys out there, so let’s get going.

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