Pedroia’s Brother Rounds ‘Third Base’ With Young Children

PedroiaTotal Pro Sports – For everything that has gone right to this point in Dustin Pedroia’s career something bad was destined to occur.

Baseballs version of “the little engine who could” is now the face of newspapers for all the wrong reasons, today his brother Brett Pedroia was charged with child molestation. The man that two years ago won the Rookie of the Year Award and this past year laid claim to the MVP Award will stand by his brother through this trying time.

“Brett Pedroia, 29, turned himself in to Woodland police on Jan. 9. According to an arrest report, he’s suspected of oral copulation and lewd acts with a child under 14. Brett Pedroia was booked and later released on $50,000 bail. He was working in his family’s tire store Saturday, but he said he had no comment. The Pedroia family is well-known and liked in Woodland”

The small town of Woodland, a suburb just outside Sacramento is in disbelief of the shocking news, reports Tom Ziller of the Sporting Blog. He had this to say to reporters,

” … The local news TV crews can’t find anyone who believes the charges; it’s like O.J. on an infinitesimally smaller scale. But the seed of doubt never goes away, and it’s proof that no matter how high above the proliferate you rise a scandal can strike you down at any moment. Dustin isn’t responsible for his brother, but that doesn’t stop his name from leading the stories. Whoever thinks small-town life is easier for athletes or celebrities … no, it’s not.”

This story may not hit home to the city of New England where Dustin plays, but across the country in a small town the lingering whispers of this case will be forever echoed. Dustin has no responsibility for the actions of his adult brother, but it makes for a great story to needle a professional athlete and try to arise a reaction, fair or unfair it is the way our society is.

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