Fedor Takes Care of Arlovski, Who’s Next?

Fedor EmelianenkoTotal Pro Sports-  On Saturday night Fedor Emelianenko took Care of Andrei Arlovski with ease.  The fight played out just as I thought it would, as Fedor knocked him out early in the 1st round.  The win means he is now riding a 27 fight win streak and has not lost a fight since the year 2000.

His dominance in the sport has been truly amazing, which begs the question, who will he fight next next?  There seems to be a lack of quality opponents for him in the heavyweight division.  The only other quality heavyweight currently fighting for the Affliction promotion is Josh Barnett.  Barnett also had an impressive win on Saturday night over GIlbert Ivel.  He is now the number 1 contender a should be the next inline to fight Fedor for his WAMMA title.

Barnett seem like a viable contender, but Fedor should be able to beat him easily.  The other big names in the heavyweight division are Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar.  These guys are set for a rematch soon and the winner could pose a threat to Fedor.  Yet, a fight with Fedor might not happen as he and the UFC have had a prior history of troubled negotiations.  I really hope he eventually fights one of these UFC guys, because I would love to see it.

Whoever Fedor fights next will be in tough and if there is one thing that’s certain, don’t bet against The Emperor, he will knock you out.

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