Joe Torre Calls Him Afraud

Joe TorreTotal Pro Sports-  In his new book, set to release early next month, former Yankee’s skipper Joe Torre has some interesting information about his former players.  Specifically, about superstar Alex Rodriguez.  In the book, Torre claims that Arod was not that well liked by his teammates, and was even referred to as AFraud.

Also, Torre claims that Arod had an obsession with teammate Derek Jeter. When you see some of the women that Arod has been romantically linked to, this makes a lot of  sense.  At one point Arod was spending a significant amount of time with Madonna, who now looks like a grandmother who spent the late 90’s abusing steroids.  You would think that a guy like Arod, with all his money and fame, would be intrested in attractive women, but that is not the case at all.

Torre also explains that he was the second person to know about his prostate cancer diagnosis because team doctors first informed owner George Steinbrenner.  Torre was probably glad that Steinbrenner was the first to know because I’m sure he was really concerned about his well being.

Torre’s book should be a big seller, we know Afraud will buy a copy because there will be color photos of Derek Jeter inside.

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