Adriano Suspended For Phantom Punch

AdrianoTotal Pro Sports-  Brazilian soccer star Adriano, for Inter Milan, has been suspended 3 games for punching Daniele Gastadello of Sampdoria.  When I first heard this news I assumed that the punishment fit the crime.  After I watched the video, I realized this was not the case at all.

Adriano barely touches the guy and he flops to the ground like he has just been shot in the stomach.  I know soccer players are notorious for their acting performances on the pitch, but this is a little extreme.  During the course of a game it is hard for the refs to see the severity of a players actions, so sometimes in game penalties are assessed when they shouldn’t be.  This was a foul, but no chance he should be suspended for 3 games.

It seems like the people who run Seria A have been taking advice from the NHL on how to penalize their players.  If it were up to me I would suspend Daniele Gastadello, which would teach him to stay as his feet.  Maybe, Gastadello wants to pursue a career in acting because that was an Oscar caliber performance.

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