Don’t Mess With The Mustache

Heiner BrandTotal Pro Sports-  I just came across this video and its destined to become an instant classic.  It appears to be of a European Handball Match between Germany and Norway.  It seems that at the end of the match there is some sort of controversial call.  After that a menacing man with a mustache appears and seems to be threatening someone with violence.

I can’t understand what is being said or really whats going on, but the guy looks like a psychotic version of Ronald McDonald and it hilarious.  At the start of the video you will get a glimpse of him and then at the 58 second mark he makes his dramatic reappearance.

Apparently, the angry mustached man is German Coach, Heiner Brand.  Now I finally have  a reason to watch competitive handball.  A word of caution, don’t ever mess with anyone who sports a mustache.

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