Don’t Tread On Me

Chase BudingerTotal Pro Sports-  This is one of the most obvious flagrant fouls I have seen in a while.  It happened in a game between the University of Arizona and the University of Houston.  Its so bad that you can guarantee that Aubrey Coleman (University of Houston), the guy who stomps on Chase Budinger’s (University of Arizona) face, will be suspended for a significant amount of time.

It all happened last night, after Coleman got called for a charge on Budinger, he decided to stomp on his face as he walked down the court.  Coleman was assessed a flagrant foul and was elected from the game.  The only sport where this sort of move would be considered legal is Rugby, so maybe Coleman was a little confused.

This will go down as one of the worst fouls ever committed in an NCAA game.  I love how Coleman tries not to look down to make it seem as if he is doesn’t know where he is planting his foot.  Nice move, loser.

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