Malkin and Ovi Settle Their Differences Over All-Star Weekend

Malkin OvechkinTotal Pro Sports – Thanks to Atlanta Thrashers All Star Ilya Kovalchuk, the intense rivalry between Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin has finally come to an end.

When the 3 Russians arrived in Montreal this past weekend, Kovalchuk acted as the peace keeper when he decided to take fellow Russian superstars Ovechkin and Malkin out to dinner. Kovalchuk explained to the 2  that if they wanted to do well throughout their career playing for the Russian National team, that the 2 men have to start getting along.  Kovalchuk believed that if the 3 of them got along well, that they would have a tremendous amount of chemistry together, which would contribute to their overall success as superstars.

Watching Malkin help Ovechkin with his shootout competition, it is obvious that this rivalry has cooled down. Knowing that these players have rekindled their friendship with one another is great for them however, what impact does this have on the fans?

In the past I would have always wanted to watch a Penguins/Capitals game to see these 2 Russians go head to head and battle it out. Now that they are friends will they still have the same competitive spirit when they play each other? Or are we going to witness just another game where 2 teams just play for the Win?

Thanks to Ilya Kovalchuk we may never see an Ovechkin/Malkin fight, but we will see 3 of the greatest NHL Superstars play for team Russia happily together.

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