The Stanford Tree Goes Downtown

The Standford TreeTotal Pro Sports – The Stanford Cardinals mascot, the Stanford Tree we think is undoubtedly one of the greatest mascots in sports history.

The Stanford Tree is exactly what the name represents, a green pine tree with 2 huge eyes and a gigantic mouth.  It is really weird how some sports teams come up with these ridiculous mascots to represent their team.  Couldn’t the University of Stanford come up with something a little better then a redwood tree?

The Stanford Tree is the un-official mascot of Stanford University. Stanford’s team name is “The Cardinal,” referring to the vivid red color (not the common song bird as at several other schools), and the University has never been able to come up with an official mascot which adequately conveys the fierceness and sporting prowess it had hoped to symbolize with that particular shade of sanguine. Wikipedia

The Standford TreeLast week a picture surfaced of The Stanford Tree posing with 3 Stanford cheerleaders in an awkward position, but by the way their smiling you can bet that the cheerleaders didn’t mind (They actually seem to enjoy the little outdoor 4-some,  I wonder what takes place behind closed doors?).

It seems as if the Stanford tree will do anything for a priceless photo and these cheerleaders would do anything for a little attention.

We come across these types of photos all the time and if there is one thing we regret in life is not attending an American College.

The Stanford Tree

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