BJ Penn Disses George St.Peirre

BJ Penn George St.PierreTotal Pro Sports-  This weekend is all about Superbowl XLIII, but don’t forget to watch UFC 94: St.Pierre vs Penn 2,on Saturday night.  This UFC will feature one of the most anticipated fights of year, between BJ Penn and George St. Pierre.  This is a rematch of a 2006 fight, which saw St.Pierre win in a split decision.

It seems that Penn has taken to media to express his feelings towards St.Pierre.  In this clip you can here him call out GSP for tapping out in a previous match.  I believe he is referring to St.Pierre’s first match against Matt Sera. Penn likes to talk to the media and GSP likes to do his talking in the ring, if you ask me, it always seems like the guy who talks, is the guy who gets knocked out.

I hope GSP knocks this guy back to Hawaii, maybe that will shut him up.  Not only is George a much better fighter right now, but he has something Penn will never have, class.  On Saturday, night when Penn is eating punches, I bet he will be thinking about the stupid comments he made.  Good luck, Blow Job Penn, you will need it.

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