Michigan College Hockey Rivalry Gets Ugly

Total Pro Sports – This past Saturday night the Michigan Wolverines beat the Michigan State Spartans 5-3, winning the season series 5-0.

The rivalry between the 2 inner state teams got ugly in the last minute of the game.  Michigan Wolverines defenseman Steve Kampfer was hit from behind by States Andrew Conboy (If you watch the video closely it reminds me of the Todd Bertuzzi on Steve Moore hit from behind).  As Steve Kampfer laid on the ice, forward Corey Tropp of the Michigan State Spartans came in and two hand slashed him while he was down. Kampfer laid motionless for about five minutes before being helped to the dressing room by teammates.

“What happened near the end of the game this weekend is not the way in which we want our hockey program represented,” Comley said in a statement. “We cannot condone their actions. We felt that we had to send a strong message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

“However, one thing needs to be clear — this was an incident that was an emotional, split-second action, for which these players are being punished. I don’t want this to be portrayed that this was anything premeditated or that any single player was targeted.”

MSU coach Rick Comley has suspended the two hockey players, Corey Tropp and Andrew Conboy for the remainder of the season.

It just boggles my mind that something like this could happen during a college hockey game.  There were times during my hockey career that while on the ice I felt I needed to get someone back.  It never crossed my mind to use my hockey stick as a weapon.  Making a clean hit or fighting the player was the only way to to solve a problem during a hockey game.

It’s nice to see that coach Rick Comley has suspended these players for the remainder of the season, but if I were the coach these 2 hockey players would never suit up again for the Michigan State Spartans in their college career.

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