Who Will Be The Eugene Robinson of Superbowl XLIII?

Eugene RobinsonTotal Pro Sports-  Coaches always tell players to be on their best behavior at all times, especially on the days before the Superbowl.  On player who never listened to his coach was Eugene Robinson.  Remember Eugene Robinson, his story is one of the most infamous in Superbowl history.

The day before Superbowl XXXIII, Eugene, then a member of the Atlanta Falcons, was given the Bart Starr award, by the Christian group Athletes in Action.  This award is handed out annually to the player who has a high moral character.  That night while he was celebrating the award, Robinson decided to solicit sex from a prostitute, who was in actuality an undercover police officer. Bad move Mr. Robinson.

Needless to say the next day during the Superbowl, Robinson was not at his best.  He got burned for a long touchdown pass by Rod Smith and then he missed a key tackle on Terrell Davis.  The Falcons ended up losing the game to the Denver Broncos, the final score was 34-19.

This year Superbowl XLIII will have no shortage of interesting story lines, hopefully nobody pulls a Robinson on the night before the game.  If I had to put my money on a player from either team messing up and getting into to trouble, it would be on Matt Leinart.  Leinart has little to be worried about because the only time he will see the field is during pre-game warm-ups.  Also, in the past he has shown that he is no stranger to parties.  Hopefully, he will stay out of trouble and he will be able to concentrate on his role of head cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals.