Alexander Ovechkin Learns To Fly

Alexander Ovechkin Total Pro Sports-  Anyone who was watching the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins game last must have been thinking that Alexander Ovechkin seriously injured himself, after flying into the boards head first.  Miraculously he is ok and he even returned to finish the game.  What a machine this guy is, just when you think he is done he, keeps on playing.

If you didn’t see the play, this is what happened:  OV was flying down the wing, chasing the puck.  Then big bad Zdeno Chara strolled over and clipped his feet with his stick, which sent Ovechkin flying like superman into the boards.  It looked a lot worse at the time and I thought he was done. Check out the video.

I bet Gary Bettman is glad that the golden boy is fine, because that is the last thing the NHL needs right now.

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