Andrew Bynum Fouls Gerald Wallace Hard

Andrew BynumTotal Pro Sports – Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats suffered a partially collapsed left lung and a partially cracked rib, in a double overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers 117-110.

Wallace tried driving the lane on Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who then threw out his hip and arm to try and defend the basket.  After reviewing the video a couple times we have determined that the Bynum hit is not as bad as everyone seems to be making it.  Yes, we agree that Bynum is not being cautious for the driving Wallace, but worse things have happened. If you watch the video Bynum goes and gives Wallace his hand to help him up.  If he would have bear hugged him and kissed him on the head like Shaq, then everything would have been different.

“After 21 years of covering the NBA, I think I know the difference between rugged and dirty. What Andrew Bynum did to Gerald Wallace Tuesday was dirty. … Hopefully, this was about youthful indiscretion, not malicious intent. Because as talented as Bynum is, I’d hate to think his destiny is to end up a hockey goon.” said Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer

I disagree totally with Rick, if Wallace would have jumped right up from the hit nothing would have been said about the foul.  But because Gerald Wallace is hurt, Andrew Bynum is the bad guy.  The problem in the NBA is that a little touch on the body and they blow for a foul.  They should allow a little contact in the game, it would make it that more interesting.

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