A High School S-TORRE

Joe TorreTotal Pro Sports – By now I assume that all of you have heard the buzz surrounding the new Joe Torre book, “The Yankee Years“. The book co-written by baseball guru Tom Verducci ( Sports Illustrated ) and published by Doubleday. The book is scheduled for release on February 3rd.

I have been listening and reading all week how Joe Torre is a hypocrite. How Joe always used to tell his players “keep it in the clubhouse”. Now Joe is airing that clubhouse dirty laundry. We have all heard the excerpts, how A-Rod is referred to as “Afraud”, how A-Rod had an obsession with Derek Jeter and all the admiration Jeter received. The accusation that Cashman betrayed Torre in his final meeting with the Steinbrenners. How he was insulted by the final contract he was offered. The allegation that Yankee doctors informed Steinbrenner about Joe’s prostate cancer, before telling Joe himself (that would anger me as well).

My whole problem with this high school ” he said, she said ” , is the fact that this book hasn’t even been released yet. I am sure there are sports pundits that have gotten advanced copies, but most of the media is obviously running with the most salacious quotes from the book they can find. I don’t know Joe Torre, I am a Mets fan. That being said , I can guarantee you that all this hype you are reading is probably taken out of context. I am sure that there are things said by Torre expressing some unhappiness. I am sure that there are things said about players that maybe they would take offense to. I also know that without reading the book in it’s entirety that all these media outlets are doing is filling space or air time with what people love, gossip.

We are all familiar with gossip. It came to us at an early age (elementary school for me), and it never seems to end (it’s my mother in laws favorite pastime). I don’t mean to offend any of our younger readers, but gossip is soooo high school (like omg, he said what?). Yet it seems that the public has an insatiable appetite for it (tabloids and paparazzi anyone?). It really drives me nuts.

Is Joe Torre a hypocrite? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know because I haven’t read the book yet, and like a responsible adult I will reserve my judgment until I have the whole S-Torre. This could all be a clever marketing ploy by Doubleday to sell books (mission accomplished boys). What does that make us then? Sheep. I suppose I should just let it go, gossip and its other ugly brethren will continue long after I am gone. Especially with the Internet (I swear the Internet was created to gossip and watch porn), rumors travel in nano seconds.

Let me know what you guys (and gals) think. Sports is the ultimate reality show, I get that, but when the behind the scenes stuff starts dominating the back pages, I feel like it takes away from the beauty of the sports we love. Athletes and sports figures are human, no different than you and I, they have feelings, they show emotion, they gossip. If spreading rumors and lies is what you’re into, then I think you need to re-examine your purpose in life.

Alrighty, enough griping I gotta get out of here, my wife wants to tell me a story about our 16 year old neighbor who became impregnated by the substitute mailman, while carrying on an affair with our regular mailman, who also happens to be bisexual, juicy stuff, maybe I’ll write my own S-Torre.

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