Great Confidence Booster For Leafs Justin Pogge!

Justin PoggeTotal Pro Sports – What is going through The Toronto Maple Leafs minds when they call up a goaltender from their farm team for one game?

Justin Pogge is known to be a great prospect and the future number one goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs, however, if he continues to be sent back and forth from the minors, fans should not expect too much. Not only does the coaching staff for the Leafs throw Pogge between the pipes against The Minnesota Wild, a team that is tied for seventh place in the Western conference, but they send him right back down to the minors after an embarrassing 6-1 loss.

If you are a young prospect looking to crack the NHL lineup, you are not going to have much confidence if you get sent down after one bad game. The Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff has to make a choice whether they want Pogge to continue to develop in their minor league system, or bring him up to play a few games here and there, but keep him in the lineup! Let Pogge learn and develop as a goaltender in the NHL, don’t bring him up for one game and send him right back down especially after he gets embarrassed in a 6-1 loss.

What ever confidence Pogge had coming into this game, it is now crushed all thanks to The Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff. Great way to help develop your future greats!

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