Raiders Reportedly Hire Tom Cable

Tom CableTotal Pro Sports – If your ever in the Bay area and interested in taking your kids to the circus there is one in Oakland, California, the address is 7000 Coliseum Way, the building is known as McAfee Coliseum home of the Oakland Raiders. A proud fan base has watched their team crumble since their Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the departures of Rich Gannon, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson.

The problem is not so much on the field as it is off of it. It sits in it’s private booth on Sunday’s and has complete control of the teams operations, decisions go through him and he has the last say, his name is Al Davis. The stern man that runs the show in Oakland, is driving the franchise into the dirt and has little care about what people think of him. There comes a point when someone has to be labeled as naive to not realize what is going on around them, Al Davis has far exceeded this notion.

This is just a report but were it to be true, we are left questioning Al’s decision yet again and with the number of head coaches that have walked through the revolving door in Oakland it reaches a point that maybe the head coaches are not the problem. I have nothing against Tom Cable personally but this would be his second stint as a head coach in his career and to think that finishing a season 4-8 in the final 12 games is satisfactory means that the standards in Oakland are set way too low.

I hope for Raider fans that this move works out for the best, although, I highly doubt it will, but should it not the next move must be to replace an out of touch Managing General Partner. Al Davis has been quoted saying that he will not retire until the Raiders win 2 more Super Bowls, I guess the Raiders are stuck in this predicament for a lot longer then I thought.

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