If Rogers Committed $210 Million To The Jays

Total Pro Sports – A few years ago Rogers the owners of the Jays committed 210 million dollars to the team payroll over 3 years which ran out last year. Now lets imagine if the Jays had that $210 million to spend on free agents now.

The Blue Jays would have roughly $30 to $40 million to spend on free agents, meaning the payroll would go from $65 odd million at the time to last years roughly $105 million. Keep in mind we wouldn’t have BJ Ryan or AJ Burnett on the roster.

So let’s take a look at what the Jays could do with the added money.

First Move, Sign Ben Sheets to a Two year, incentive laden deal. Total money committed would be 2 Years, $13 million with the possibility of Sheets gaining an additional $10 million in performance bonuses. To me it makes no sense why Sheets hasn’t been signed, hes better and just as flaky when it comes to the injury reserve as Burnett, yet he’s still on the market. Sheets would solidify the number 2 spot, and leave Dustin Mcgowan with more time to recover from his injury.

2nd Move Sign Orlando Hudson to a 1 year, $6 Million deal.  It might not even take that much considering he loved Toronto while here and the market is brutal. Either he would move to SS or Aaron Hill would. This would make the middle infield one of the best in the league, which is very important. Plus Hudson would add speed on the base paths.

Move Number 3 Sign Bobby Abreu to a 2 year $18 million deal with a $10 million player option on the 3rd year. Now many people are leery about Abreu as his power numbers aren’t great, but he bats for average and still gets roughly 20 homers a year and can also steal. Its a wonder he hasn’t been signed and would be a great addition for the Jays when it comes to on base percentage. I would then move Travis Snider and Adam Lind as DH, with Lind also being the 4th outfielder. This would create some competitiveness for at bats, which is a great thing for the team.

This would add roughly $23 million to the teams payroll leaving an additional $20 million to pick up a player such as Matt Holliday or adding a starter such as Paul Byrd for the back end of the rotation if the team is contending of a playoff spot. The team could also go for big names such as Adam Dunn or Manny Ramirez. All these contracts would be short term; meaning financial flexibility down the road. Obviously this is pure dream thinking and considering that in my opinion The AL East of 2009 will be the most competitive division in the HISTORY of baseball, yes I said it, it may guarantee nothing when it comes to a playoff spot.

In the meantime the Jays are left with adding 4 scouts to the paltry 6 we had on the payroll, it is a wise move and hopefully we will see some fruits arrive in a few years time.

For now Jays fans, its time to dream and enjoy the summer sun and hopefully Dwayne De Resario and Toronto FC can take our minds off the losing that will go down at the Rogers Centre.

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