Polamalu Needs Tickets And He’ll Nail Your Wife

Troy Polamalu (lookalike)Total Pro Sports – I mean who would have thought the Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl Troy Polamalu (lookalike) would need more tickets for the Super Bowl? You would think his team would provide as many as he needed.

So when the team and the NFL runs out of tickets to give to you for the big game, where is the first place you would think of to go and try to get some tickets?  Some people would say Stubhub, Ticketmaster, Ebay, or even Craigslist would all great choices.

But this Troy Polamalu lookalike (I swear we did a triple take on his photo the resemblance is amazing) and huge Steelers fan is in desperate need of one ticket and says he can’t afford to pay $2000.  So he has another option in mind.  The Polamalu lookalike has listed a post on Craigslist titled “I’ll do ANYTHING for a ticket to the superbowl! – $1 (Pittsburgh)”.

You heard me right. ANYTHING!

I have a problem. I NEED to go to the Superbowl but I can’t afford the $2000 ticket. What do I have to offer otherwise? Myself.

-I can fix your pipes.
-Shovel your snow for a year.
-Repair your computer.
-Drive your kids around.
-Entertain you by performing a stupid dare.
Bang your wife.
-Clean your house for a year

YOU NAME IT I CAN DO IT (I won’t cut my hair or kill anyone). I just need you to give me your Superbowl ticket.

Email me with your offer and you can have your very own Troy Polamalu look alike!

What a handy man, I mean this guy can do anything “Reapair your computer, drive your kids around, Entertain you by performing a stupid dare, Bang your wife, or even Clean your house for a year.”

Wow, interesting the 6th option sounds good……I mean lets be serious if someone if looking for another person to bang their wife I think they’ve made the post on the wrong site.  You have to try a site like…Happ……….that’s right this is PG rated post (So if your interested in option #6 shoot me an email, I can set you up on a great site, Just Kidding).

An ambitious young man with a dream, but unfortunately we think he may never fulfill this dream with those options. Nice Try!!!!!!

Via: Sports By Brooks and Craiglist

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