Kendrick Perkins Is Ready To Fight In The UFC

Total Pro Sports – Last night the Boston Celtics went into Motown and handed the Pistons their 20th loss of the season beating them 86-78.

The Boston Celtics won their 10th game in a row alongside their up and coming MMA  hopeful Kendrick Perkins.  Rumor has it that Perkins has been training hard for the past 3 months.  He definitely backed up those rumors last night, showing the world that his 6’10” 210 pound frame is capable of taking on the elite of the elite in the UFC.

Kendrick Perkins form was fantastic! He throws a perfect arm smack down alla-Perkins, tossing Pistons Jason Maxiell hard to the ground.  So if your reading this Dana White, Kendrick Perkins is ready to take on the UFC and we think he should be featured in an upcoming UFC card.

Picture this, the UFC 96 main event featuring Brock Lesnar against Kendrick Perkins, the publicity would be endless.  If you thought UFC 91 was a big draw when Couture fought Lesnar, this one has the potential to be triple the size.

Kendrick Perkins Flagrant Foul on Jason Maxiell

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