Minor Hockey Goalie Makes The Save Of The Year

Minor Hockey Goalie Makes The Save Of The YearTotal Pro Sports – Minor hockey in Canada has some of the biggest leagues in the world.  Especially in Toronto where the “GTHL” Greater Toronto Hockey League features future stars.

If you speak to any agent or scout they will most definitely name the GTHL as the known birth place of most NHL’ers.  Paul Coffey, Eric Lindros, Jason Spezza, Rick Nash, Frank Mahovlich, Michael Cammalleri, Brendan Shanahan, Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano are a few on a list that spands forever who have developed their skills in the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

Minor goalie Victor Adamo of the Toronto Young Nationals may be on that long list one day.  In a game where his team the Nats faced off against the Mississauga Senators the cameras where rolling.  As the opposing Senator player dumped the puck in the zone, Adamo skated to the corner to clear the puck and make the break out pass to his defenceman (The #1 rule taught to a player in minor hockey is to never clear the puck in front of your own goal).  As he cleared the puck out in front of his net he fanned on the pass, leaving the opposing player with a clear shot to the goal.

Unbelievably Adamo got back to his goal and dove in front of the shot making one of the most amazing saves I have ever seen a goaltender make.  Watching this replay 3, 4, 5 times over, I can’t conclude how Victor Adamo ever made a save like this.  Stopping the puck alone was hard enough, but to stop the puck with the blade of his stick makes this an ever greater feat. (You have to watch the video replay and follow the puck to see how spectacular this save really is)

Thankfully the cameras were rolling and we were all able to watch such a spectacular save.

Minor Goalie Victor Adamo Makes Save Of The Year

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