UFC 94 GSP Vaseline Controversy

Total Pro Sports – The camp of BJ Penn has filed a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his loss to George St. Pierre. The incident in question is when GSP’s corner allegedly applied Vaseline to his back in-between rounds one and two. Applying Vaseline to the body during a fight allows the fighter to become more slippery and hard to hold down.

GSP’s side of the story is that his corner-man was applying Vaseline to his face and inadvertently used the same hand to rub St. Pierre’s back. After this was notices by an NSAC official, the Vaseline was quickly wiped off with a towel according to St. Pierre.

Greasing of fighters is strictly prohibited by the Commission, and there should be an extensive investigation into this. That being said I find it very hard to take anything away from GSP for his utterly dominating performance on Saturday. In my opinion, any Vaseline on GSP’s back was a non-factor since much of the fight was fought with GSP in Penn’s guard. Controversy aside, this was one of the defining performances in GSP’s career. With the help of Greg Jackson’s perfect game-planning, and amazing execution from St. Pierre, he managed to fight the perfect fight against Penn. It is worth noting the significance of dominating an opponent that is widely considered top 5, pound for pound in the world with the apparent ease St. Pierre displayed. He was able to get inside and mix it up standing, and do enough to eventually score the take down. This is where GSP showed his superiority. Once on the ground he was able to pass Penn’s guard almost at will and inflict damage. Lofty accomplishments against a world jujitsu champion.

With all this in mind, I am sure that many people are now off the BJ Penn bandwagon. I for one am not. BJ is, and in my opinion will continue to be, the best lightweight in the world. In reality Penn walks through any welterweight in the world not named St. Pierre, but this is why the 155 division should be his home. At welterweight he is beast, but at lightweight he is unstoppable This loss could actually turn Penn into an even more dangerous fighter. Look for him to make an example of Kenny Florian.

UPDATE: GSP Camp Responds To Vaseline Controversy (Feb 5th 2009)

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